Other Guides, Tutorials, and Resources

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I am, of course, an amateur. I have some relevant experience, but am not qualified to write a tutorial that covers every possibility (who is?). As such, I provide these links to external guides and resources. My guide is more than adequate to get you started, but once I’ve pulled you into the world of videoblogging, your appetite for knowledge may be insatiable.

Other Guides and Tutorials

  • Ulead Video Studio Tutorials
  • I have primarily used Ulead Video Studio 9 for the videos I created during the 2006 U.S. Senate race in Connecticut. I chose to focus on Windows Movie Maker in the editing section of this guide not because I think it’s the best thing out there, but because almost everybody who reads this guide will have it installed.

  • How to Use iMovie
  • I am not sure that this tutorial uses the latest version of iMovie, but the author takes a similar approach to me, using images and text to walk you through the steps.

  • creative writing groups edmonton
  • Another iMovie tutorial, that also may not be using the most recent version of iMovie.

  • Pinnacle Studio 10 Interactive Tutorial
  • The official tutorial on how to use Pinnacle Studio 10.

  • How to Use Windows Movie Maker
  • From the folks over at Microsoft. Their guide on how to use Windows Movie Maker is snazzier than mine. That’s OK, because I only hope that mine will whet your appetite for a more robust tutorial on video editing.

Camera and Accessories Resources These links are for reference only, I do not specifically recommend shopping through these links. It’s up to you to pick a seller that you are comfortable purchasing items from.