Thanks and Acknowledgements

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2006 was an exciting year to be a blogger in Connecticut, and even more exciting to be a videoblogger. Were it not for CTBlogger of ConnecticutBLOG, I would never have gained the knowledge to write this guide. It was April 5, 2006 at Naples Pizza when he tapped me on the shoulder and asked me to operate his camcorder while he snapped photos. That’s when I first learned how easy this could be. The rest is history. Thanks CTBlogger!

CT Bob of Connecticut Bob showed me how much fun videoblogging could be. He sets a high bar for humor and professionalism in political film making. Thanks CT Bob a/k/a the Happiest Aggressive Interrogator.

Thanks are also due to CGG of CT Local Politics and MyDD for her moral support and invaluable input during the creation of this guide. Thanks CGG!

I can’t thank greenpeas enough for her insights into the creation of this guide. Her fresh look at my tips and instructions helped make this guide what it is. Thanks greenpeas!

Thanks also to Tessa and Mike. Mike is apparently the one who says “Macaca happens” though I’d never have known if not for Tessa.