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Max. Video Length: no known maximum
Max. File Size: no known maximum
Comments: Yes
Ratings: Yes
Embed Code Yes
Help Site: Blip.TV Walkthrough

I like Blip.TV a lot, but it’s not as easy to use as YouTube and DailyMotion. The major benefit of Blip.TV is that your files can be viewed and downloaded in their original format! So when you upload a great quality file, and it gets converted to the Flash video format (resulting in a quality loss), your visitors that want to take the extra time to view the full quality version can do so.

You can click here to sign up for an account with Blip.TV, and once you’ve done so go ahead and click on the Upload button on the main page. The first page you see will have fields for you to enter the video’s Title and Description, directly above the Browse button that you’ll use to locate your video file for uploading. Below that field, you can specify a Thumbnail but it’s easiest to skip this step and let Blip.TV auto-select the thumbnail for your video. The next option on this page is the License where you can choose to retain your full copyright, assign a Creative Commons license, or release your video into the public domain. I urge you to click here and learn more, and then give your works the Creative Commons license that works best for you.

After you choose the license for your video, there are three options that you can safely skip: Categorize, Distribute/Publish, and Advertise. Click on the Upload button.

Click on the thumbnails to view the photos at full size

The next screen you’ll see is the upload screen with a progress bar. As with all video sharing services, the speed of your upload depends upon the length and size of your video file. When the upload completes, Blip.TV presents you with the option to copy and paste the embed code for the video into your blog or website. The embed code for Blip.TV can be published in most all blog platforms, but Blip.TV generates different embed codes for MySpace and for blogs (see last thumbnail above) so be sure that you copy the appropriate code for where you’ll be posting the video.