Video Editing Software

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You’ve got the camera and all the accessories. You’ve got the computer, the means to hook your camera up to it, and plenty of hard disk space to store your videos. The last thing you want to make sure you’ve got before you head out to tape an event is video editing software. If you use Windows XP then you’ve already got some basic editing software called Windows Movie Maker. This comes standard with Windows XP and can be found in the “All Programs” section of the Start menu. If you use an Apple computer running Mac OSX, you may need to purchase a program suite called iLife, which comes with a video editing program called iMovie.

These are by no means the only options for video editing software, but for the sake of simplicity I only address Windows Movie Maker. The editing steps discussed later in this guide can (with the help of your editing software’s documentation) probably be adapted to whatever editing software that you have purchased and installed on your computer.

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