Ned and Joe On the Issues

Download the comparison tables here.

Download the Introductory text here.

Below is the full letter from Jimmy, explaining the importance of the comparison tables:

New Lamont vs. Lieberman Issue
Comparison Table: Take Action Now!!!

I just had 2 PDF files posted on that I hope will be powerful new tools for helping Ned win. At “Ned and Joe On The Issues” is a 2-page, up-to-date, meticulously source-verified table comparing Ned to Joe on 21 key issues. At “Ned Is Right” is a 1-page text file defining the candidates and setting up the table. The two files can be viewed, saved, sent as e-mail attachments, and printed (text file in front) as a handout. I believe this handout is now the single best pro-Ned resource available anywhere. It presents a concise yet thorough, hard-hitting, and compelling argument for Ned and against Joe.

TAKE ACTION NOW: Please help get this powerful, easy to spread message out

  • Getting the files and this posting posted/linked on every friendly blog or website you know.
  • E-mailing the links/attached files to everyone in your e-mail address book, especially to those able to further spread them through friendly unions, organizations, clubs, yahoo/e-mail list groups, e-newsletters, web forums, media contacts, DTCs, local/state politicians, etc. Challenge everyone who receives it to do likewise, so that in chain-letter fashion it spreads ever outward to more and more people.
  • Handing it out to friends, co-workers, in your neighborhood, at parties, or anywhere people gather (fairs, shopping centers, sporting events, movie exits, etc.); leaving copies at friendly businesses; using it as issue talking points, etc.
  • Using it as source info to help write a letter to the editor on an issue(s) of your choice at

THE PROBLEM: Joe has spent big to define Ned (incorrectly) as an inexperienced, one issue, anti-war candidate with little to offer; and himself (amazingly) as a great champion of the people on all issues but the war. The MSM has generally echoed these portrayals and refused to cover the innumerable facts to the contrary. As a result, most voters are still unaware of the majority of the facts covered in this handout. If the truth remains hidden, Joe could win.

THE SOLUTION: The handout strategically counters this by accurately defining Ned, unmasking Joe, and showing that on the issues Ned is the REAL champion of the people while Joe’s only loyalty is to his campaign contributors, the Bush Administration, the conservative agenda, and his own self-serving interests. To me it is Joe’s political kryptonite: THE TRUTH! I’m convinced that if every voter read it, that Ned would win, not because I’m arrogant or naive, but simply because the facts are SO COMPELLING!

The grass roots component of Ned’s campaign is so awesome, and the primary win was such a radiant triumph of democracy, what a tragedy it would be to squander all that by allowing a corrupt fraud like Joe to get re-elected simply because the MSM message got hijacked. PLEASE spread the files and handout to as many people as you possibly can! Be creative and get it out there! Polls show Ned climbing in a tightening single digit race, and his latest ads have begun to aggressively hammer some of these same key talking points. STAY ENERGIZED!!! KEEP VOLUNTEERING!!! It’s either 4 more weeks of effort, or 6 more years of Joe!!!